Get back in the game with Rotherham u3a

Calling all sports fans somewhat past their prime. Thought your playing days were over? Well, get your boots out of retirement as Rotherham u3a has two new opportunities for you to continue playing the sports you once loved.

Following the great success of their walking cricket team which launched in spring 2021, there is a new walking football group starting later this summer. There are also plans to establish a walking netball group to encourage more older people to adopt an active lifestyle.

The new groups are part of an exciting partnership between Rotherham u3a and Rotherham United Community Sports Trust’s (RUCST) ‘More Than Football’ project. The sessions are open to anyone no longer in full-time employment, irrespective of gender, fitness level or previous playing experience.

Rotherham walking football session with Rotherham u3a and RUCST

As the name suggests, both walking football and walking netball are non-contact sports played at a walking pace.  With less reliance on speed and stamina, walking sports work on skills such as accurate passing, good positional play and strong tactical knowledge.

The football and netball teams will be mixed of all genders and sessions will consist of warm-up exercises followed by five or seven-a-side games, played to association rules and led by qualified coach, Andy Glossop. As running is not permitted, it reduces the risk of injury while still giving gentle cardiac and muscular exercise for improved fitness.

Once the session is over, there will also be the opportunity to socialise over a cup of tea or coffee where players can reminisce over their glory days.

All you need is loose, comfortable clothing and a pair of trainers; RUCST is providing all equipment, and practice bibs for both activities.

These sessions are part of a ten-week pilot, with weekly subs of £2.50. After completion, non-members will be invited to join Rotherham u3a to continue playing. Annual membership costs are around £40 which gives access to over 30 group-led activities ranging from arts and crafts to foreign languages.

Walking football sessions will be held every Monday 10am-12pm at St Thomas’ Community Hall, High Street, Kimberworth S61 2BF (public transport access readily available close to venue). The day and time for walking netball has yet to be confirmed but it will be held at the same venue.

Would-be players interested in joining should contact Andy Glossop at RUCST on 01709 827 767/ 07508 495 883 or email

For more information about the other Ru3a activities available, visit or call Sylvia Duncan on 01709 374 841.