Growing the love at Owd Martha’s Yard

Cultivated from a community effort, things just keep on blossoming down at Owd Martha’s Yard in Hoyland.

Since 2015, a whole host of volunteers have gotten behind the project to transform an unloved, unused piece of land behind Belmont WMC into a community garden that the whole village can enjoy.

Over the last year, the garden has continued to flourish and take shape with the construction of raised beds and planters, vegetable patches and new seating areas.

To sustain the plot, chairman Allan Wood has also crafted a water collection system on the storage container’s roof, while volunteers have been busily collecting old plastic pop bottles to create an eco-friendly greenhouse.

Thanks to the local Tidy Team, schoolchildren and community groups, daily pruning, mulching, weeding and watering has been taken care of but the gardening team are always looking for new volunteers to help with the upkeep.

On Wednesday 1st August, everyone is invited to join in the Teddy Bear’s Picnic from 11.30am so bring a picnic and your favourite fuzzy friend for a community get-together in the glorious surroundings of Owd Martha.

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