Hop into something new with RotherHop

C. Richard Sayles

From the dancehalls in Harlem to the bright lights of Rotherham, be a part of the retro revival and get your happy feet jittering with swing dance lessons from RotherHop.

Run by husband and wife, Dave Doyle and Krissy Moore, RotherHop brings the granddaddy of swing, Lindy Hop, to Rotherham with weekly classes held at 1915 Bar and Bistro.

Having always loved jazz music, 30-year-old Dave joined a swing dance club as a way of meeting new people when he moved to Rotherham six years ago.

Taught by Sheffield dance royalty, Sue Freeman, it is at Lindy Hop Sheffield that Dave met Australian-born Krissy who had also joined to embrace a new hobby while studying for her Masters in Archaeology.

“As a journalist, I get to interview a lot of Silver Wedding couples and the majority met at a dance. Krissy and I will be able to say that in this generation, too,” Dave says.

Sadly, Sue Freeman passed away three years ago; while the Sheffield dance club continued, Krissy and Dave looked to new horizons.

Having practiced four times a week and travelled across Europe to dance, the couple decided to swingout and bring the dance form to Rotherham by launching the non-profit community group to teach Lindy Hop with a vintage vibe.

Since their first class in March, the group now have around 40 members who have become one big dance family.

While many retired couples, former jivers and old school rock ‘n rollers come along, there are also younger dancers who are looking to learn something completely new.

No matter if you haven’t got a partner, have never danced before, or even have two left feet; the easy-to-learn teaching styles by Dave and Krissy means you’ll be taking it a step further from shuffling in no time.

More co-operative than competitive, Lindy Hop encourages dance partners to work together in a physical conversation, with the leader and follower in fast-paced harmony.

With a spacious environment, 1915’s laid-back atmosphere is the perfect place to put those moves into practice, with RotherHop looking to introduce guest teachers to bring other jazz styles such as blues and balboa.

From a line dance-like stroll to a shamelessly extravagant partner dance, master the art of Lindy Hop with weekly classes every Monday 7.15pm-9pm, just £3 each or two people for £5.

For more information, see their Facebook page or email rotherhop@gmail.com


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