Jingle Balls: Fat Lads Calendar

As January 1st comes around, walls up and down the country will be adorned with well-loved celebrities, with the turn of each new calendar month bringing a different seductive pose from the attractive stars.

But when do you ever see a calendar full of big, hairy blokes?

A tongue-in-cheek take on these traditional calendars, a dozen middle aged, overweight men from Yorkshire have teamed up to strip off down to their under crackers for a great cause as part of the Fat Lads Calendar.

Organised by amateur photographer, Richard Gaynor, the idea for the Fat Lads Calendar came when he decided to turn the camera on himself for a joke.

“I do a lot of glamour and boudoir shots for ladies and thought, for a bit of banter, I’d try and recreate that iconic Vanity Fair Demi Moore pregnancy photo which I posted on social media to introduce the guy behind the camera.

“I thought I’d get some stick but the reaction was quite the opposite – I received so much positive feedback,” Richard says.

Rallying 12 of his bravest, burliest boys together, Richard has since set about organising shoots across the area to recreate legendary, memorable pop culture images such as Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball and Kim Kardashian’s infamous bare-bottomed Paper cover – all done in the buff.

Wrecking Balls

From the Cutlers Arms on Westgate to Stocksbridge Park Steel FC, the lads even re-enacted the famous Beatles’ Fl-Abbey Road on a Rotherham zebra crossing at 5.30am one Saturday morning. Talk about indecent exposure.

With a sense of humour as big as their bellies, the line up of chunky hunks includes everything from a plumber to a crane driver and even a driving instructor – each laying bare their inhibitions and leaving very little to the imagination. Good job you left your hat on, Richard!

Aged between 30 and 55, the lads had a strict regime of crisps and pork pies in preparation for letting their dad bods hand loose during cold, early morning shoots.

Putting (almost) everything on show, the Fat Lads Calendar might show men up for a laugh, but it also has a charitable cause at heart. With a minimum donation of £7.50, all the profits from calendar sales will go to two men’s health charities; Prostate Cancer UK and Sheffield Hospitals Charity to support men with testicular cancer.

In the UK, one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, affecting men aged over 50, predominantly between 65 and 69. While testicular cancer is less common, it does affect younger men aged 15 to 49.

Some of the lads involved had family or friends diagnosed with prostate cancer, while one also had a men’s health scare himself.

Symptoms of testicular cancer are lumps or swelling in the testicle, or a dull ache or feeling of heaviness down below. Almost all cases are germ cell cancers, affecting the cells which produce sperm, with those diagnosed four to 12 times more likely to develop it in the second testicle.

While 2,200 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year, it is also the most treatable form of cancer, with the outlook of a 98% survival rate for five years following treatment.

With prostate cancer, you may find it difficult to pee or feeling like you need to go more often, sometimes experiencing pain when it does happen. Yet early prostate cancer may show no warning signs at all.

Men might be dismissive of their health with an ‘it’ll be reyt’ attitude; but it is vital to check the crown jewels from time to time to catch any issues early before the condition worsens.

That doesn’t mean you have to flash the goods like these chaps here, but taking your health seriously is a starting point, especially the older you get. But hats off to these guys for having the balls to get our attention and stand up for men.

With hopes to raise over £10,000 for the charities, the Fat Lads Calendar is available to order online at www.fatladscalendar.co.uk 

Or call in with cash to pick up a copy at one of the following places.

Cutlers Arms – Westgate

Move In Move Out – Moorgate Street

The Chequers – Whiston

Boneyard & Co – Rawmarsh Hil, Parkgatel

Earl Grey pub – Rawmarsh

Furry Friends – High St, Maltby

Petite Fleurs – 24 Doncaster Rd, Goldthorpe 



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