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With Chris Moody of Moodyhair, Darfield

I’m often asked what advice I might give to men about their hair, and to be honest it’s pretty simple; get your hair cut properly! And no, a grade three allover with home hair clippers is not ‘properly’.

The bar has been raised in recent years with the influx the 21st Century style-conscious males; over 35 percent of men between the ages of 15 and 60 now go to a professional hair salon on a regular basis rather than settling for a second rate snip.

Virtually all professional salons have a growing male clientele and accommodate men as well as women for haircutting and colour services. Unlike the box-standard clip and go days of old, hairdressers these days will spend time talking to you first about what you like and don’t like. Ask them what they would recommend for you.

If you prefer a more male orientated environment then the boom in modern barbershops has been phenomenal over the last few years. There’s also a huge number of modern day men’s salons opening up that will offer a professional consultation and expertly cut your hair into a shape or style that suits you and your hair.

Here are a few tips to get you ready:

Thick hair? Don’t despair…

If your hair is very thick and wild, you might want to consider shorter layers on top and the use of thinning shears to reduce volume. Keep the sides and nape close to maintain a squarer, more masculine shape. Squarer shapes look more masculine and have a more modern feel.

Losing your hair doesn’t have to be a disaster…

The follically-challenged are often desperate to make their remaining hair last longer and not end up wearing a toupee.

If your hair is thinning, keep it short. Longer hair rarely makes it look thicker and often emphasises the thinning texture. Consider close crops or a short textured top with tapered hairlines. Creating texture into thinning top hair prevents the hair from laying too flat and helps creates a thicker look.

If your hair is receding at the hairline, avoid long fringes and keep the front and temple areas shorter to avoid wispiness.

No More Mr Grey…

Ditching the grey hair is a really effective way to update your look and make your hair look fantastic – that’s right, get your hair coloured. If you really want a safe and natural way to get rid of grey hair, be sure to have your hair coloured at the salon. Men’s colour looks better when it’s natural and has ‘cool’ tones. At Moodyhair we use Redken for Men Color Camo, a one step, five minute process to really natural looking hair without the grey.

Trends to try…

The high and tight fade has been top of the trends list for the last few years and shows no sign of going away. Hair is tapered down very tight and then left slightly longer and heavier on top with a strong 50’s influence. It’s a style that suits a lot of hair types and is easy to manage.

Always invest in a good styling product such as wax or paste to finally give your hair that finishing touch without looking to overdone.

Male grooming has moved way beyond a shower and a shave now so be sure to keep up to date starting with a great new haircut.

Chris is an internationally renowned educator, presenter and hair stylist who works with the likes of Redken NYC to continually share and develop skills and training methods across the world. For more information about Chris or his salon, Moodyhair, visit their website

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