Pets Boredom Breakers


With Dan Pearson of the Animal Training Academy


With the school holidays looming, we sometimes worry about how we are going to entertain the kids, never mind our pets, during the summer break. Boredom is one of the main reasons our pets start developing bad habitats, so be prepared with ideas to keep our pets occupied all summer long.

More Walkies

Being outdoors enjoying the summer weather would be beneficial for both the kids and the dog. Giving your dog extra walks will help with any extra energy they have to burn and stop them from lazing around the house with sad eyes. However, if the temperatures get too high, remember to limit walking times and keep off pavements to protect their well-being.

Look out for outdoor activities that can dogs can attend; this will mean that the dog can be involved in the family fun too.


Like kids, having a new toy will keep pets amazed for hours. Knowing what your dog likes to play with, whether it be a ball, rope toy or soft dog toys, will make sure that they are going to like what you get them and not be a waste of money. Get everyone involved in playing with the toys too, such as heading out onto the field to throw and chase balls, otherwise the toys can become really quiet boring for your pet.

Make meal time, fun time

If your dog loves their food then making meal times fun can be an easy way to keep them busy. Using a kong, treat ball and puzzle feeders can be useful way to decrease boredom and will give your dog hours of fun of searching out treats in the process.

Training for Fun

Training doesn’t always have to be about fixing a behaviour problem or getting your dog to be obedient. Training can be great fun for all involved. Teaching tricks to the dog is a way of keeping your dog’s brain active while doing something that you want them to do.

Plus, it’s something that the kids can get involved with too; this could also give the kids a sense of responsibility and more ownership of the dog they are training. Keep a look for our new website where you can find out more about fun trick training to do at home.

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