Pets Myth Busters


With Dan Pearson of The Animal Training Academy

Over the years many common pet myths have been mistaken for fact. This can be troublesome when dealing with pets, especially dogs. Some myths are worryingly inaccurate and this means there are owners who still adhere to these false truths.

Here are just a few of those myths busted:

Wet nose means they are healthy

A dog can have a wet nose at any point, but it doesn’t mean that they are healthy nor does it mean they are unwell. If your dog’s nose is very wet and they have a runny nose, then they might be unwell and need to see a vet. However, a healthy dog could sit in front of a fire and get a dry nose, but it doesn’t indicate an illness. Every dog is different and only those near to them will know if there is something wrong.

Wagging tail means they are happy

A waggy tail can mean a lot of things, not just that they are happy. Dogs wag their tails when they are aroused. Dogs can be aroused if they are happy, aggressive, fearful, or hungry. You need to take your dog’s full body language into account to know what the waggy tail actually means.

Dogs live in a pack like wolves

Dogs have evolved from wolves but they have lived domestically with us for thousands of years with their behaviour adapting too. They say dog is a man’s best friend; they like to live amongst us as a part of the family, not above us. They do not want to be dominant over any family member and they don’t want to be top dog. If you think that your dog is trying to dominate you, then get in touch with us and we can help deal with this problem.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Dogs are always learning, irrespective of age. Behaviour problems can develop at an older age, but if they have learnt some naughty behaviours, then they are more than capable of learning to good things too. Any dog can learn new tricks no matter how young or old they are, and the biggest motivator will be sussing out a reward they are willing to work for.

For help with any pet problems, visit The Animal Training Academy website where you will find out more details about their services including behaviour consultations and training sessions.

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