Rainbow hair: A Summer of Colour


With Chris Moody of Moodyhair Barnsley

Red and yellow and pink and green, I can see a rainbow! But it’s not up in the air, it’s in the hair.

Bringing the magic of mermaids and unicorns, rainbow hair is a super bright and bold colour trend for that doesn’t have to just be a fantasy this summer.


It all started with trendy young things experimenting with dying bits of their old bleached hair with bright colour gels and sprays. But as it becomes more mainstream, creativity and panache are really shaping this trend with daring styles for those not afraid to experiment with their locks.

For attention-grabbing style, a host of celebrities have been sporting fun and vibrant colour creations including Lada Gaga’s fiery orange, Britney Spears greeny/blue mermaid look, Katy Perry’s gorgeous deep purple and not forgetting the boys – recently Zayn Malik was seen with a very cool, grown-out pink do.

Whether you dare to try vivid lollipop colours or pastel ice cream shades, be prepared with our top tips to reflect summer’s biggest trend.

All About the Base

First of all, the hair to be coloured has to be pre lightened, ideally to a pale blonde; this gives a perfect base to deposit and show the bright tones.

Next, the different colours are carefully selected to either blend, compliment or contrast depending on whether you want your hair colour result to be a gentle whisper, or fearless shout. The new colours are then applied directly to the hair and left to develop for around 20 minutes, after which the effects can be quite stunning, with a multitude of hues and tones cascading throughout all, or part of the hair.

We always recommend you visit and speak with a professional salon colourist to make sure the products are suitable for your hair and there are no allergies. Here at Moodyhair we use Redken’s City Beats to provide amazing colour and maintain tip top condition.

Making it Last

The colours are almost always temporary, lasting from a few weeks to a couple of months. Be aware though, much of this depends on your hair condition and how it’s treated afterwards at home.

Very strong colours such as reds, blues, purples, can ‘stain’ the hair causing the colour to leave a very long lasting residue of the shade in the hair for perhaps longer than desired. If the hair is very resistant or shampooed in strong products the colour can fade very quickly.

Hidden Rainbow

It doesn’t have to be super bright and bold. There are some wonderful variations if you want a workday/weekend option.

The ‘Hidden Rainbow’ involves placing bright variations of colours in the nape of the neck, with your natural hair falling over to hide the result. Only when the hair is pony-tailed, plaited or pinned up is your secret colour revealed. Rainbow roots involve placing the bright colours in the first centimetres of your roots, so the effect only shows as your moves around.

Even the most vibrant tones can be diluted to very soft and subtle pastel tones, so even the more reserved can play with colour.

So let this be your summer of colour and whether you want your hair to whisper, talk or shout, release your inner rainbow and have fun with colour.

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