Thurgoland Community Choir celebrates 10th anniversary

Music brings people together and joining a choir is a great way to become part of a community. Whether you’re a shower soloist, a car crooner or a trained singer, Thurgoland Community Choir is looking for new members to join them.

The choir was formed in 2012 by a group of people from as far afield as Germany, Catalonia and Australia. Today, they’re a diverse, inclusive group of singers from across the North Sheffield and Penistone areas.

Singing brings joy but it also has many physical and mental health benefits: it lowers stress levels, boosts endorphins, improves your posture, helps with sleep, and gives your lungs a great workout.

But most of all, singing in a choir gives you confidence and a sense of belonging. Thurgoland Community Choir is one big family, with generations of parents, children, siblings, spouses, neighbours and friends joining them over the last ten years. No one is a stranger for long.

With no audition needed, it doesn’t matter how good or inexperienced a singer you are. Most members started singing at the community choir with basic or no knowledge of music. But within a short time, and with the support or the musical director and other members of the choir, singers become almost pitch perfect, with the high notes of the Ave Maria enveloped by the baritone tones of a Requiem.

Their current song list covers popular, secular and spiritual music including Ave Maria by Caccini, songs from the Lion King, with a dash of Sinatra, Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Thurgoland Community Choir in Pescia, Tuscany
Thurgoland Community Choir in Pescia, Tuscany

And Thurgoland Community Choir are a daring lot who will accept a challenge with gusto. They’ve toured Tuscany and Malta and performed in the Concert Choir at Sheffield and Wakefield Cathedrals.

Musical director, Hilary Osborn, said: “Singing is for everyone and the health benefits are proven. You will find that the choir sings songs to suit all tastes and perhaps during our rehearsals we will introduce you to new songs and styles. We can’t promise you’ll become the next Katherine Jenkins, Shirley Bassey or Elton John but you will certainly find your voice.”

If you like to sing too, why not join them at their upcoming Open Night on Saturday 16th July from 5pm at Thurgoland Village Hall 2 Roper Lane, Thurgoland S35 7AA. Admission is free and after hearing the choir sing a few songs there will be refreshments followed by singing games and surprise prizes.

Following a short break for the summer, weekly rehearsals restart on Wednesday 7th September at Crane Moor Methodist Church, Thurgoland, Sheffield S35 7AT. There is always a free taster session and the choir meets every Wednesday from 7.30pm.

For more information, contact Ruth Rovira on 07801543164 or email The choir also has a Facebook group that you can join.