Barnsley Scout group fundraising for new home

Could you help The 16th Barnsley (Royston) scout group fund a permanent place to call home?

The group has seen a massive boost to its membership over the last couple of years which means they’ve outgrown their current ‘on loan’ home.

For the last ten years, they’ve held their weekly meetings at Royston’s Salvation Army Hall. But with an expanding group of 75 Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, they’re quickly reaching capacity of the space.

The 16th Barnsley (Royston) scout group

Having their own permanent home means they could accommodate more children and make a difference to even more young lives, like Isaac who has recently move from the Squirrel Drey into the Beaver Colony.

“I really like going to Squirrels and Beavers because it’s fun. I get to try new things like building a den in the park, doing crazy science experiments like making slime and learning about robots. Red Squirrel, Badger and Pink Beaver help me when I feel nervous or worried. We need a bigger building so that more children can come and play and we can do even more things,” Isaac says.

The 16th Barnsley (Royston) group is run by volunteers who all give their own time willingly. They’re an inclusive group and all children are welcome irrespective of their needs, abilities and circumstances.

Many young people go on to become young leaders and assistant leaders supporting the younger children in the group and giving them leadership skills for the future.

With an ambitious target of more than £250,000, parents and carers will be holding various fundraising events such as bake sales, supermarket collections, race nights, and a sponsored skydive amongst other ideas.

Donations and contributions are also being sought from local businesses and it’s hoped the fantastic community of Royston and its surrounding areas will support the group.

As we went to print, their fundraising total stood at just shy of £7,000. But with such a huge target, fundraising champion and mum of two young group members, Nichola Hawden, tells us the group needs more help.

“In the short time my children have attended Squirrels, Beavers and Cubs, they have both grown so much in so many ways. Scouting really has changed their lives for the better and that’s why I’m so pleased to give something back and support the group in getting the new home they deserve.

“Not only that, we hope to open the facility for use by the wider community of Royston as well so it would be fantastic if the local community could get behind us.”

You can find out more about the 16th Barnsley (Royston) Scout Group on their social media channels  and you can donate directly to their fundraising appeal here.