Rotherham United launches new menopause project

Whether you’re peri, post or slap bang in the middle of the menopause, a new support group is starting in Rotherham to help women navigate the change.

Rotherham United Women FC have teamed up with Rotherham United Community Trust to provide a holistic approach to menopausal wellbeing.

A group of multi-racial menopausal age women

The new project aims to increase physical activity in women at all stages of the menopause by offering free dance-based sessions at venues across the borough. The exercise sessions will be followed by a chance to sit and chat with other women on a similar journey. 

The NHS recommends women in the menopause should exercise regularly to reduce weight gain and loss of muscle mass. However, statistics show that 40 percent of adult women don’t get enough exercise. This can be due to various factors, but particularly the loss of motivation, energy and mood commonly experienced during the menopause.

As well as physical benefits, exercise is proven to improve symptoms of the menopause such as stress, mood swings, brain fog, poor sleep and fatigue.

Dancing is a great weight-bearing activity where your feet and legs support your weight. The sessions will be led by an experienced dance tutor and cover a mix of dance types such as Zumba, tap, jazz, lyrical and hip hop. They’re aimed at all ages and mobilities and the team are keen to welcome women from all ethnic backgrounds.

Going through the menopause can feel lonely and isolating. The project aims to combat this by giving women the chance to talk openly about their personal experience and what they have found helpful to them – be it changing their diet, HRT, or taking time to do things for themselves.

The 12-month project is funded by Sport England and all sessions will be free to attend. There will be three blocks of sessions at three venues across the borough, with the first one running between September and December.

The first 12-week block starts from 25th September and will take place at:

Every Monday 12pm-2pm

Liberty Church S60 1JH

Every Tuesday 10am-12pm

The Centre Brinsworth S60 5BU

Every Wednesday 6pm-8pm

Goal Zone New York Stadium (Activity suite level 2)

To book a place please email