Are you ready to Wander this autumn?

If you’re looking for something to do this autumn, why not join in with a new real world puzzle game called WanderList?

WanderList has been developed by Swinton-based Kaumaka as a way to encourage people to be more active while they solve a set of puzzles around their town centre.

The game is free to sign up and can be played by sole wanderers or by challenging family and friends. Based on a big treasure hunt, WanderList has been designed to work both the brain and body in a fun way. All you need is a smartphone or tablet that has 4G/5G data capabilities to solve the puzzle.

Once you’ve signed up, you simply pick a location – such as Rotherham or Barnsley town centres – and you’ll be able to choose from a number of WanderLists of varying difficulties.

For example, Walker puzzles are virtually all simple pictorial ones designed for beginners or younger families. Once you reach the location of the photo and click ‘I’m here’, the next one will appear on your phone or tablet.

Hiker challenges are slightly more involved puzzles that may have cryptic clues, graphical metaphors, or historical photos. Wanderer challenges are for the more adventurous as answers can be found in the town centre or surrounding areas.

You can keep track of how well you’re doing by looking at the challenge league table, but the real buzz comes from spending time outside rather than trying to solve the puzzle for hours on end. If you’re stuck, don’t be afraid to ask local people for their ideas while you’re out and about.

The developers also hope that local businesses will get on board by creating their own personalised challenge with discounts or offers to players. There will also be special challenges including charity ones where players will be asked to donate before joining.

For more information about how it works or to sign up, visit